Leadership Is Becoming More ‘Feminine’


Global Headline Findings: The Future of Leadership Communication is More ‘Feminine’ – an Enhanced Blueprint

1 – Leading by example, communicating transparently, admitting mistakes and bringing out the best in others top the list of leadership attributes. It is key actions around honesty, transparency and collaboration – not just key messages – that matter most.

2 – This is seen acutely in crisis situations, when it is critical to offer practical, accountable solutions that match words and deeds, while operationalizing empathy rather simply than showing empathy for its own sake.

3 – The future of leadership communication is more ‘feminine’. Female leaders perform best on 5 of the 7 most important attributes and on all of the top – Although the world is looking more to male 4 leaders than female ones – 54% to 46%.

4 – Trustworthiness remains at an absolute premium for corporations to be seen as leaders – together with quality and service. It is worrying therefore that leadership scores have fallen across multiple industries, despite leadership scores for most vertical sectors rising 8 points or more.

5 – Multiple audiences beyond the corporation itself – particularly friends and family, media and activists/NGOs – outrank the CEO and other senior management as trusted sources of information, while also directly impacting consumers’ purchasing behavior.

6 – Company employees who you know, together with those involved in selling goods or services and managing complaints, leave senior managers and the CEO standing as sources of credible corporate information – making effective employee engagement critical.

7 – Personal presence and engagement remain at a premium across all communications channels, while digital and social channels lag ‘traditional’ and ‘in-person’ channels in impacting public sentiment.

8 – A specific vocal minority sub-set of consumers – ‘Leadership eVangelists’ – have a disproportionate impact on commercial outcomes, making engagement with them critical to commercial outcomes and corporate credibility.

Effective Leadership = Open Communication + Decisive Action + Personal Presence

A model underlining the importance of the Good Leader Formula developed over the past two years: Effective Leadership = Open Communication + Decisive Action + Personal Presence. The debate continues and Ketchum is proud to be part of it.