The Evolving Story

We are the evolving story…
We must now harvest our deepest collective wisdom in order to survive
and thrive as a healthy, peaceful and sustainable planet.

We have many great achievements to celebrate and honor, but first we have
to acknowledge what has been damaging to each other and harmful to all life.
It is time for healing and a new beginning.

Great focus is now needed to reconnect the bonds of community on behalf of all of Earth’s diverse peoples and cultures and to restore our planet’s eco-system and its intricate design for all life.

We cannot evolve at this vital point in the human story, if we fail to integrate our learnings and wisdom.

Humanity has paid a great price for the destructive actions committed against our land, our children and our animals.

Increasing numbers of people now recognize the importance of supporting the transformation of Planet Earth.

Are you one of those growing numbers?




The Space “Between” Us

What happens when we come together?

What happens between us and inside us?

Is it only our physical bodies that meet and our five senses that bridge the gap to one another and the perceived reality around us?


There must be more, much more happening in the space we inhabit. I have always wondered what drives us to noisy restaurants where a conversation is almost impossible, or to sit quietly in a large darkened room with a crowd around us, watching a movie.

Is some free-floating energy present that we are somehow able to ingest?

What is it about a dog or cat that fills a need for companionship?

Is there a living presence that they emanate?

A moment of deep feeling shared by one of us can embrace and unify a group instantaneously. How does that happen?

In moments of silence together, we can feel something almost palpable between us. In meditation when attention is freed from its habitual focus on the material realm, we become aware of Space, unbounded, within and without, everywhere. Focused nonjudgmental listening cuts through the distance between us and opens intimate new ways of seeing and understanding each other.Metaphysical wisdom teachings tell us that beyond our physical body there are several more invisible bodies in our true anatomy. Each has their own distinct qualities, each extends across space and time in seeming miraculous ways, each has its own way of connecting us. Ancient Indian wisdom speaks about Indra’s web, a structure across the entire creation connecting everything instantaneously as One, a mystical unified field.

Now, Western Science is joining this timeless conversation about how we and everything else is connected. It is searching for its own unified field. At the level of our everyday experience and at the quantum dimension, we and the fundamental units of creation are joined in ways we are just beginning to discover, certainly don’t yet fully understand and in many cases, can’t even imagine. The Universe is a space alive with a cosmic dance of Nothing hiding as Something, of the waltz of appearance and disappearance, of masked dark energies holding everything together. Clearly, space is not empty!

For eighteen years, we at Vistar have been exploring an aspect of the space between us, this mysterious field of gathered human consciousness. We know some of its power and potential and its awesome ability to unify us. This field has the unlimited creative ability, but when unconscious and misdirected, it can manifest a destructive power witnessed by much of our history.

Our relation to the invisible dimension of space and our understanding of how we are connected to it and influence it is new territory. We need open eyes and ears to for this exploration, for it will shape our evolutionary journey and every aspect of our human experience. Ultimately, it will determine how we as a species shall take our position as citizens of the Cosmos.

Ron Friedman

Inter Connectivity

Connectivity is much more than we think and I can confidently say that it is through our connectivity that we are able to create. We often think consciousness is different in nature, but of course, it is ‘consciousness’ that is driving all of creation. I call this level of connective reality Communication Networks of Consciousness. Just like everything in nature, our consciousness also has infinite and finite systems that operate on the principle of pathways and connectivity. The cosmos is, in fact, a sea of communication (common-union).

Clarity of purpose while in common-union, creates. It is at this level of participation that true coherence can and will occur. Coherence is like the glue of creation, there needs to be a consistency in logical interconnection plus an overall sense or understanding between other operating parts. It may sound complicated in relation to community, but in fact, that is where we need to understand the nature of coherence most of all. Before we can really co-create we have to have coherence and before coherence, we have to have connectivity.

There are many levels of connectivity between humans, but it is only when there is a collective impulse of true purpose alive in a community that the creative process will activate and start moving forward. Each and every part of the whole must be in alignment with the desired outcome and each member must be fully present to their role in that outcome. The collective vision must always be the driver for the whole group.

For example, the Unite Your Light WOMEN’s original vision was to – 

Grow a New Humanity and the interconnected visions of the group were;

  • The New Woman 
  • The New Man 
  • The New Story 
  • The New Family 
  • The New Child 

which collectively is The New Humanity.

And when we were faced with a moment of conflict within our group or even within yourself, we needed to go straight to the collective vision to see why the conflict had arisen. It didn’t mean the conflict would disappear immediately, but rather we could see that the conflict was actually a creative conflict and a necessary part of our conscious evolution as a whole. It is at this point of choice that our vision would start to evolve into a reality.

The creative conflict is a re-aligning mechanism and in the process of correcting and transforming the creative conflict, we actually became the vision. In regards to how community needs to work together, this concept is leading edge. A community’s true function is unity and I believe the science of community is connectivity and coherence with each other. It is in our willingness and ability to correct and transform that brings us together as a community. The beauty of our collective outcome becomes a genuine part of the natural order and process. We as human beings are literally encoded and designed to successfully contribute to the evolution of humanity.

As human beings moving forward on this journey of evolution lets be mindful of what we are contributing to the whole, are you clear about your purpose, your function and the possible outcome of your actions?

Heart to Heart Elizabeth

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Lets Meet On The Top Floor

The amazing evolutionary journey we call ‘Unite Your Light WOMEN’ has taken us to a new level of responsibility in our personal development. Working with our emotions when they come up, rather than entering into them can be a valuable accelerator in moving forward as a team. We have reached a level of evolution where our emotions are actually frequency elevators, our emotional state actually reflects the buttons that get activated to either go down a level or up a level.

We can choose which way we want to go and if we don’t, we can literally stay stuck there with the door shut and seemingly no way out. Just like in a real elevator, it will sometimes take a few shots at pressing the button before we get to the right floor, but thankfully, before too long we get to the level we were after.

There are a few ways to look at this metaphor –

We can stay on the lower levels always wondering what it is like on the top floor, which we know has a great view. We can also get in the elevator, go up a few levels and have a look at some of the view from there. We can also get uncomfortably comfortable in the basement, which has no windows and is disconnected from the outside world. But then there’s the option of pressing the button to the top floor, the one that takes you to the deluxe penthouse. You cant wait to get there, you know that’s where you need to be, you know it has a panoramic view, but most of all you want to be there because you know your closest friends are there having the party of a lifetime!!

So my friends come and join in the greatest party there is; your LIFE.

How do you like to party and what do you want to bring to the party?

What is a United Heart Reality?

How did we created such an amazing and liberating phenomena?

We, as a community at Unite the Light have in a short time created an amazing connective power that I fondly call “United Heart Reality”. It is the practice of supporting each other from a place of absolute truth and trust. Not for personal development or gain but rather to make a valuable conscious contribution to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

A United Heart Reality is a new and promising example of humanity revealed through the beauty of unity. We have been supporting each other in being the best we can be and the light of TRUTH steps in to see it through. Over the years I have heard people use the phrase ‘sending you love and light’. What we are doing is taking that concept to a whole new level.

Love is the activator that brings in the Light.

As we move consciously through our shadow and remain committed to our group vision, the divine love starts to emerge through the Higher Heart and we find new Light/Life; this is a new and connected reality for many. Being connected in this way and operating from this place, is quiet different to anything one has experienced before. When we started the program back in January I made the statement ‘get connected and stay connected’ I have been saying it every week for the last three months. This small phrase indeed, means so much more, we have now all experienced the benefits of being connected heart to heart.

Staying connected builds resonance and a valuable coherence on our planet.

I believe we are meant to stay connected for a more profound reason than we can even imagine. So I encourage you, when you feel that vibrational or impulse in your heart, know that it is a whisper from your Soulality asking you to connect. Reach out, take the leap and let the love lift you into the light.

There is a new way of being in the world and we are it.

Love Elizabeth x

I invite you to share about your ‘united heart reality’.