Give it to me NOW!

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.   This is the number one mantra used in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and a great tool for those struggling with any emotional addictions or substance addictions.     Let’s have a think about this… All theContinue reading “Give it to me NOW!”

Goodbye to Gossip

  Hello Integrity….. Dear old gossip has become an addiction for many women. It is seductive and builds an unhealthy intimacy among women, which creates false security. I believe the female species will come to a place of contentment when this persistent obstacle is corrected and transformed. Gossip is connected to these four faces ofContinue reading “Goodbye to Gossip”

Living With Desire

  It’s imperative that we bring forth our soul’s greatest desires. Our life is a gift not to be squandered and if we pick only one true heartfelt desire to achieve in our outer world and only one heartfelt desire to achieve in our inner world, we can aid in the betterment of the wholeContinue reading “Living With Desire”

Revealing Your Gift

What follows is my take on revealing one’s gift to the world. We’ve all had experiences that demonstrate what being a New Style Leader feels and looks like and how it works in our life. And it is through my own social and spiritual discovery of our inner and outer worlds, that brought me closerContinue reading “Revealing Your Gift”

Beauty is Balance

I believe true beauty is revealed to us when there is a combination of natural elements that are brought in to play. It is either an encounter of nature’s raw but pure presence or it can be the splendour of something or someone in an authentic or natural state. Beauty is also enhanced or createdContinue reading “Beauty is Balance”

Inter Connectivity

Connectivity is much more than we think and I can confidently say that it is through our connectivity that we are able to create. We often think consciousness is different in nature, but of course, it is ‘consciousness’ that is driving all of creation. I call this level of connective reality Communication Networks of Consciousness.Continue reading “Inter Connectivity”

What is a United Heart Reality?

How did we created such an amazing and liberating phenomena? We, as a community at Unite the Light have in a short time created an amazing connective power that I fondly call “United Heart Reality”. It is the practice of supporting each other from a place of absolute truth and trust. Not for personal development orContinue reading “What is a United Heart Reality?”

My new best friend – The Unified Field

  Our Unite Your Light meetings often started with a process that was both connecting with and informing the Unified Field of Consciousness. One of the defining factors of the Unite Your Light group has been that we willingly participate with “the Field” to advance any of the development of our projects. This week we invited the field to connect toContinue reading “My new best friend – The Unified Field”

New Dimensions Of Self

Our Unite Your Light meetings were very powerful. We’d arrive and were straight into a sacred process of bringing the New Woman Archetype fully into our being. This New Woman archetype has been a hidden dimension of women that has been patiently waiting until we were ready to let Mama Control go. The characteristic of MamaContinue reading “New Dimensions Of Self”