Being on purpose is what leads to true happiness… 

Knowing we have a purpose literally creates more creativity and confidence, simply because we feel part of something greater than ourselves. Knowing we are of value and that people see us as trustworthy gives us a brightness of future that we can build on.

When I first created Real Deal Productions I assumed everyone I enrolled or spoke to had a burning vision and passion to get their story, message or idea out there. I know I did – “I wanted to create videos that allow people to become the New Style Leaders we need in today’s world.”

I had many ideas just like this; I saw a need for change and I had found the perfect solution for it – all seemed so clear to me and I was sure everyone would get it and want to jump on board immediately.

But they didn’t… Why? Because I had to find a way to engage people so we can do it together.

I soon learnt that it’s all good and well to be idealistic and visionary, but you have to be prepared to be misunderstood also – Because when your working with a big vision people will often call you crazy, lazy, pie in the sky, a dreamer. You just have to deal with it.

Real deal change starts locally. Even global changes start small, with people like you and me. We all need to create time to make the difference we really want.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and I encourage you to be a New Style Leader so we can build a better world, together. 


Elizabeth Ellames 

Founder and Creative Director of REAL DEAL Productions Australia

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