What is a Tribe Talker?

A Tribe Talker is a person who wants to make a difference in the world by telling stories that create a positive impact. I created the term TribeTalker to describe the group of modern and masterful storytellers emerging in our time and this is your invitation to be part of that tribe.

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Why Tribe Talker Films?

Our team has imagination, passion, and creativity to transform your story and ideas into purposeful media.

Clients come to us because they value quality cost-effective storytelling that identifies the archetypes in their personal or business culture that communicates their message succinctly.

We can work with people from idea to concept, narrative development, shooting, editing, and post-production; we provide a quality range of services and experience.

But that’s not the only reason I want to enroll you. I am inviting you to be a TribeTalker with us because our world urgently needs solutions in so many areas today — economic, social, and environmental and that’s only a few.

Our mission is to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and create IMPACT.  And our commitment to spread these solutions lives or dies in the ability to tell great stories that encourage people to act and think differently.

A well-crafted Business Culture and Purpose-Based Brand video is your portal and platform of trust that leads to audience loyalty and engagement.




Contact Details
Elizabeth Ellames / Creative Producer

TEL. 040 330 9696

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