Tribe Talkers Unite

Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution! 

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Hello Social Entrepreneurs, Creative Thinkers, and Humanitarians

This is your invitation to participate – We can be the generation that fulfills the dream of a harmonious and peaceful world. Let’s be conscious contributors and collaborators, as we move through today’s challenging and changing world.

To make that dream a reality, it will take all of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the true benefits of Community and Purposeful Enterprise. But first, we need to experience how coming together for the greater good, creates a healthy environment that invites our conscious evolution.

That’s why I am so excited to share this initiative with you, which I see as a wonderful opportunity for visionary thinkers and heart-centered collaborators with innovative ideas and specific expertise, at the grassroots and globally, who want to join together as a community for the greater good of humanity. 


Do you want to be a key player in creating positive social change and be part of the fast-growing Purposeful Enterprise Movement?

This collective purpose-driven initiative marks a time of crossing to a new way of thinking and being; my intention is to create social synergy through cohesive collaboration, co-creation, and thriving creative enterprises.

This event and film will consist of progressive speakers and concepts, designed to help people deepen their personal awareness of purposeful enterprise and build bridges between the old and the new, and teach future generations how to live a more creative, caring and prosperous life. My intention is to bring together a team of people who have a strong sense of purpose.

Together we can create a wealth of Purpose Driven Enterprises and Hope-filled Causes that support and encourage – 

  • Practices for cultivating inner and outer peace.
  • Women to fully step up and demonstrate their natural leadership.
  • Steps toward creating true unity in the family and in communities.
  • Ways to incorporate effective cooperation and authentic collaboration between community, government and business.
  • Insights on how to heal our collective wounds and cultural differences.
  • Ideas for generating unity and leadership among our youth.
  • New perspectives and systems on currency and creativity.

SOCIAL SOLUTIONS is an exciting new event and film that I am bringing together in late 2020 – it will be held in Adelaide, South Australia.

Stay tuned for updates!

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